October 2, 2023

Perfect Fit Community Center Committee Minutes

October 2, 2023

Members present:  Denis Carr, Ron Richards, Darlene Bagley, Barbara Peavey, Allen Proctor

Others present:  Gary Dorman, Tom Floyd

Treasurer’s Report:  Reserve Fund  $40,007.33,  Playground  $60,545.71 Expenses $27,914.71

Moved by Allan 2nd by Ron to accept as written, all in favor.

Secretary’s Report:  Moved by Darlene 2nd by Allen to accept as written, all in favor

Trunk or Treat  Dennis will ask Angel to use blowups, Barbara yes to use hers

Set up day of Oct. 31, 10:00    Rec. Dept, not doing costume parade

Wrestling:  Ron will man 50/50 raffle table,  Book bag raffle ?

Playground:  Will order before end of month with Chris from Ultiplay,  W0ill also requ0est complete install by them. 

Need know how much Scotter willing to do and value

Ralph move swings and picnic tables area (2)

What use for brim? 


Valley of Trees:   Need Jim for Santa Thursday and Friday evenings 5-7

Candy Cane Café, open most hours Chamber is going,  Burgers, hotdogs, nachos and a comfort food each day, mac & cheese or soup of the day.  Need volunteers help provide comfort food.

Christmas for kids,  December 10, in need of boy toys, contact Lisa for girl scouts, Kevin read book, Stratton family for elves, Jim Santa,  rec. dept snacks?  Setup at 12, open 1-3


Next Meeting November 13, 2023 @ 5:00 pm   

Dennis Carr