January 9, 2023

Perfect Fit Community Center Committee Minutes

January 9 2023

Members Present:  Allen Proctor, Ron Richards, Lois Jones, Darlene Bagley,

Dennis Carr, Meghan Baker

Others Present: Gary Dorman

Treasurer’s Report: Budget  -$6,381.06        Reserve Fund  $43,787.58

Moved by Ron , second by Darlene to accept treasurer’s report, all in favor

Secretary Report  moved by Meghan, second by Allen to accept, all in favor

Valley of Trees:  coming next week to look at facility, tabled to next meeting

Men’s open gym Basketball  Lois will talk with to discuss fee and schedule

LED Lighting  quote of $27,638.62 before $7,000 rebate  tabled for now

Heat Pump for stage: about $1,700, moved by Darlene, second by Dennis to buy heat pump for stage

Banner Advertising:  Dennis will contact Brewer for more information on their program

Mother’s Day Craft Fair:  May 6,  Lois reports about 1/3 of spaces full

Playground: Gary presented updated sketch

Allen on vacation Feb. 6 – Feb. 14  ?? not sure exact dates

Adjourn meeting 6:07  moved Darlene, second Lois all in favor


Submitted by Dennis Carr