Emillie Lemire
Emillie Lemire - Tax Collector

From the desk of the Tax Collector - Emillie Lemire


**2023 Taxes** Have been committed on July 12, 2023 and are due upon receipt. The Mil Rate is 19.52 for the 2023 Tax Year. Interest of 8% will start on October 21, 2023.

As per State Law, the ownership and valuation of all Real Estate and Personal Property subject to taxation shall be fixed as of April 1st.  If you sold your Real Estate after April 1st it is your obligation to forward this bill to the current property owner. Failure to forward this bill may result in a lien being placed against your name. 

April 1st is also deadline for filing Homestead, Veteran or Widowed Veteran Exemptions with the town, applications are available at the Town Office.

The Assessor (Matt Caldwell) is available 1 day each month, call 207-278-4183 to schedule an appointment.

Personal Property Taxes: Updating your business information records/ inventory is very important to your business.  If you have any questions on how to fill out this form or questions about outstanding taxes please make an appointment with the Assessor-Matt.

Our mailing address is-Town of Corinna, 8 Levi Stewart Drive, Corinna, ME 04928

Don't hesitate to call 207-278-4183 or email corinnataxcollector@roadrunner.com.

I will be glad to assist you. 


Car re-registrations:  https://www1.maine.gov/online/bmv/rapid-renewal/

Hunting/Fishing licenses:  https://moses.informe.org/cgi-bin/online/moses_v3/index

ATV registration renewals:  https://www.maine.gov/ifw/atv-snowmobile/atv/index.html

Boat registration renewals:  https://www5.informe.org/online/boat/