September 6, 2018

Meeting Minutes
September 6, 2018


The meeting was called to order at 6:30 PM.

Attending: Bill Condon, Roland Dorman, Ken Dow, Jackie Emerson, Jamie Irving, Lee Kaufman, Donna Lambert, Jim Louder, Galen McKenney, Sylvia Miholovich, Carl Smith, Linda Smith

The meeting minutes from August 2, 2018 were approved.

Financial Balances Report
Jim reported the following balances:
 Funds reported by the Town Office as of 09/04/2018:
 Library Preservation Account (Donations) $68,564.20
 Private Library Grants Account (Davis) $6,482.92
 Maintenance Endowment payout from MCF $2,129.74

 Fund at the Maine Community Foundation
 SLB Designated Maintenance Endowment $289,502.16


Construction Subcommittee
Special Collections Room
Dehumidifier – controls and settings
The installation of the dehumidifier is complete. The unit and controls sit on top of the room to the right of the door. The unit is working properly, maintaining a relative humidity of 50% (+/- 2%).

Floor inspection
The floor of the special collections room is ready to finish with cleaning, paint, and the installation of the cove base.

Railing repair
The railing outside of the atrium has been repaired.

Maintenance inspection – September 19, 10:00 AM
The Construction Subcommittee will conduct a building inspection to identify maintenance needs in and around the building.

Endowed maintenance spending report
A report on the spending so far from the endowed maintenance payout is attached. There is $2,017 remaining in the account.

Private Library Subcommittee
Poster presentation at Maine Archives and Museum Annual Conference, Oct 12, UMF
Donna, Colleen, Jim, and Ken are preparing a poster display on the private library museum for this conference. The goals for attending are to gain visibility for the museum in the Maine museum and archive community and to gather feedback from members regarding our objectives.  Donna, Colleen, and Ken will attend on the 12th.

Advisory Committee Formation
The Advisory Committee Formation proposal was presented to the board of the Levi Stewart Community Theater. Their reaction to the proposal was positive.


Private Library furniture
It is understood that the private library furniture needs attention, specifically to the question of what should be done with it. There was some discussion of placing it in other locations around the building, the auditorium, the first floor in the south stair tower, or in the special collections room. No determination has been made.

Plan for Open House on September 22 (10:30 AM to Noon)
The building will be open for tours during the above hours during the Corinna Fall festival. Committee members will be available to conduct tours of the building.

Data line building entrance
Moving the entrance of the data line from the south west to the north west side of the building will allow the line to come in under ground, removing all lines entering the building overhead. It will also bring the line into the new electrical and network closet in the basement. It is estimated that the change will cost about $5,000. This would place equipment for further data network expansion in the same equipment location, facilitating the expansion of the data network throughout the building.

Network and Security walk-through – September 11, 8:00 AM
Members of the Construction Subcommittee will walk through the building with Ron Potvin of Technology Solutions, Newport, to look at the issues of expansion of both the building security system (cameras) and the data network capability.

Other Business
Lee discussed that the town is looking to continue work on the renovation of the parking lot. He asked if the SLBPG would look at contributing funds to the effort. Ken asked to see what the town is planning for the parking lot.

Next meeting of the SLBPG – October 4, 2018 at 6:30 PM 
AS OF 08/31/2018