Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Here are some phone numbers and answers to frequently asked questions that we receive in the Town Office.


Corinna Post Office: 207-278-4892

Animal Control Officer: Connor Bowman:207-355-5729

Corinna Municipal Garage: 207-278-3663

Plumbing Inspector: Al Tempesta- 207-278-4183

Electrical Inspector:

Code Enforcement Officer -  Al Tempesta - 207-278-4183
Wednesdays 12pm - 430pm

Transfer Station 207-924-3650, hours: Monday to Thursday and Saturday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Closed Friday & Sunday.  Call for specific instructions on special items.

Vital Records:  Fees for vital records (births, deaths, marriages) are $15.00.  Each additional copy is $6.00.

Fire Burning Permits
Fire Chief: Allen Emerson - 717-7508
Asst. Chief: Shawn Richards - 278-4343